New Year (sort of), new blog

I turned twenty-nine on the first of March. And as part of this (quarter-life?) crisis, I’ve decided to start collating everything to do with writing in one big bottom drawer. I believe the young people refer to this as content.hausfrau

There’ll be a gap between book reviews over at Quadrapheme (ideally, a month between each), so this is a place to keep thinking, writing, and recording what’s going on. There might also be an occasional update from a singing tour.

To start off with, here’s a link to the most recent thing: a review in Quadrapheme of Hausfrau, released yesterday (March 17th), the first novel by acclaimed poet Jill Alexander Essbaum. Congratulations to Jill – it’s a disturbing, beautifully written novel.

I’m off to hang up some wet bedsheets, because there are no dryers in Britain. Godspeed, everyone.

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